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The American Friends of the Episcopal Church of the Sudans, founded in 2005, is a network of individuals, churches, dioceses, and other organizations that seeks to focus attention on the needs and priorities of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan (ECSSS) and enable American friends to assist the ECSSS in meeting the needs of the Sudanese people.

AFRECS works to advance peace and stability in Sudan, seeking to amplify the voices of Sudanese Christians and, through prayer, to catch the movement of the Holy Spirit in the churches in both of our countries.

AFRECS works to enhance communication and synergy among Episcopal dioceses, parishes, and other organizations working in relationship with dioceses in South Sudan and Sudan or seeking to do so. AFRECS also promotes and facilitates the development of new relationships between U.S. and Sudanese partners.

AFRECS advocates for public and private assistance to South Sudan and Sudan.

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Message from  Executive Director, Richard Parkins


Dear Friends,

From October 21st to the 23rd, AFRECS will host its eleventh national gathering.  This time our focus will be on "building bridges of reconciliation" - a theme that speaks to the need to bring peace to a region of the world where peace has struggled to prevail. Sadly it has been shunted aside while the intransigence of national leaders and their commitment to gaining power have carried the day.  Those coming together in Des Moines, Iowa will lift up a message of reconciliation that will hopefully embolden those who see themselves as peacemakers in these troubled lands.  Hopefully, the space that we create and those who share their experiences and reflections within it, will offer a perspective that persuasively speaks against the idiom of war which has been so boisterously proclaimed these past three years.

We know that there are courageous peacemakers in South Sudan who will relish the safety that our gathering will afford, allowing them to put forth a counter message - one that embraces healing and recovery. Faithful Christians know these important blessings are theirs when they are faithful to the teachings of Christ.

We trust that many of you will join us as an expression of your belief that there is a faithful remnant of the faith community that remains committed to peace and reconciliation.  The design of the conference will give the friends of both Sudans a chance to explore avenues of healing and recovery.  By listening to church leaders, both lay and clergy, as resources we expect to understand more fully the challenges that face the Church as it takes up the task of restoring peace to this war ravaged land.  Joining us will be bishops of the Church of South Sudan as well as the coordinator of the Mothers Union.  Others who have worked in critical positions in South Sudan and Sudan will join our conversation. Together they can speak authoritatively to the realities faced by our sisters and brothers in South Sudan and help us, as their friends, to see ways that we can be partners in peacemaking.

This conference comes at a crucial time, especially for South Sudan, as the conflict there continues to take a terrible toll.  Peacemaking is urgent business and we ask that you add your voice to those urgent cries for peace.  Please join us in our witness for peace.




Work of the Episcopal Church - in America and in South Sudan



Observance of the Feast Day of Marc Nikkel to be held in Lexington, VA on Sunday, September 4th.

"The legacy of the Rev. Marc Nikkel is remembered at R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church in Lexington, Virginia, (U.S.A) each year as we observe the anniversary of his death, and celebrate his life, on the feast day the Episcopal church has dedicated to his memory.  But one has to wonder:  does his legacy continue in the South Sudan that he loved, so many years after his passing?  It does indeed, in ways that manifest the Holy Spirit in the lives of many."  (See more from Susan Mead's announcement at the above link.)


"I am back to Ibba..." a brief update from Bp Wilson Kamani

"I stayed in Juba with my family for the last three weeks. Life in Juba is coming back to normal though it is very unspeakable in terms of feeding. Thousands of people in Juba eat once a day. ... Please continue to pray for a sustainable peace in South Sudan. ... In spite of this general situation, your brothers and sisters in Ibba are fine, only pushing on slowly. ...  Our focus on primary (e)ducation, services... delivery and the hope for establishing (a) secondary school still remain our priorities. ... This month, we have experienced (a) very high mortality rate of children under years. (I)n a week, 4-5 children die, so we have organized a one day prayer for this situation." (See full update at the above link.)





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Enough Project Report: "Khartoum’s Economic Achilles’ Heel: The intersection of war, profit, and greed", August 29.

Catholic Radio Network: Bishop urges youth to refuse following bad politicians, August 29.



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Ellen J. Hanckel




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